Our expertise

Formas do Possível is a multidisciplinary design company based in Lisbon with two decades of experience in bringing brands, concepts and ideas to life. 

Our team is small and highly experienced, enthusiastic and passionate about what we do. We proud ourselves to work with companies worldwide - encouraging close interaction between studio and client - and we strongly believe that when different minds come together new worlds are created. We thrive on a feedback loop of ideas that shows the path to a finished project: the past becomes future, the new takes on surprisingly familiar forms, communication is transformed. Together, we have achieved the unthinkable, helping impossible shapes become reality. Get to know us, we’re easy to fall in love with.



We love print! We are very enthusiastic about great graphic solutions and engaging communication. We have years of successful collaborations with the worlds of culture, education, science and corporate branding, crafting graphic solutions that increase recognition and solidify the effectiveness of our client’s visual language. Our job is to see the big picture, raise recognition and bring creativity to your communication.

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We do more than a pretty layout. Our team offers design thinking-based and technology driven solutions for the digital environment, focusing on user experience and helping our clients build meaningful connections with their audience. We work across all sorts of multimedia platforms and our main tools are talent, curiosity and dedication.

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